Month / August 2006

I speak to coutless couples planning their wedding, and have found a few warning signs from the feedback I have heard. Here are a few: A friend or photographer may tell you that they’ve done other people’s weddings and assure you that they can handle yours. Be cautious: ask to see pictures from those weddings. […]

THE WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST (according to the WPJA): According to Wikipedia, “Photojournalism (sometimes called photo journalism) is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that creates images in order to tell a news storyâ€?. In recent years, this approach to wedding photography has lent itself to […]

Hull Photographic shoots all weddings using Digital SLRs. By bringing together our wedding photography experience and the expertise of a “digital studio,” we’ve given ourselves freedom and complete creative control. We carry this freedom and flexibility over to our customers while maintaining the highest standards in photographic quality. We believe that shooting digitally brings photography […]

This is a day that will never be repeated, so you need someone who can capture the best moments without cutting anyone’s head off or giving you ‘red eye’. Here is a few tips to get you the photos you want. book ahead Start your search for a photographer early, as good photographers get booked […]

A good photograph does not simply happen the moment it is taken. What happens to an image after it has been created, during post-production, is just as important. A considerable amount of time and work goes into this process, no matter whether it is a commission for a private client, work for a corporate client, […]