Month / November 2009

At the (very) end of the evening with Joline and Vince. I liked this shot… High ISO and little light made for something that looked like Kodak TRI-X back in the day. Share

When I shoot a wedding, my focus is on capturing the people and emotions. Sure we will get creative with the time we have together, but not to a point it does not relate to the personalities involved. Our wedding photography has always had a simple people focus, and will continue to have that at […]

This wedding was shot during a crazy time, it was good to see them again this evening. Share

With today’s first snowfall it seems to be that time of year to start posting some of my favorite shots from the 09 wedding season. Heidi’s wedding at the Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna. Share

I had it with me.. so I turned it on. Do not use the video side to much.. aside from the hand shakes.. it did a decent job. Disney World -5dM2 footage of the works of fire from Darren Hull – Hull Photographic on Vimeo. Share