Following are frequently asked questions about my wedding photography services and wedding photography in general. I hope these are helpful to you. If you have further questions, do feel free to email me at

Q: I love your work, but how do I know I will like the person?

A: Choosing a wedding photographer based on them having a great personality is a delicate task and in many cases it is one of your most important considerations. The first step should be telephone contact. Call us! (250-863-5024) You can’t tell much in an exchange of emails or just by looking at an advertisement, so pick up the phone, call us and interview me.A conversation on the phone will give you a good idea of whether or not you even want to meet me. If I pass the phone test, set up a meeting to view their entire portfolio and find out about my experience and how we approach a wedding.

Q: I’ve heard stories about photographers who ruin the wedding by being pushy and “in your face”. How can I be sure you will be unobtrusive?

A: Great question! Your own appraisal of my personality will tell you so much. If unobtrusiveness is what you want, don’t hesitate to tell me, very clearly, that those are your wishes.

Q: Is it important that the wedding photographer bring an assistant?

A: Wedding photography assistants are absolutely essential for a professional job. At my weddings, I am the main photographer, but it’s reassuring to my clients to have a professional assistant with a proven wedding photography background as an assistant.