a post by Kim A [thomas]

Darren and I showed up to the location (a beautiful, old church located on Benvolin) about an hour and a half too early. We did some wandering around the property to brainstorm some shots and then headed back to the vehicle to stay warm. The weather wasn’t on our side.

The wedding was small; a few close friends and family to the bride and groom, a couple of the bride’s university profs and then Darren and I. You really stand out as a photographer when the crowd and venue are both small, not to mention being the “ugly black ducks” in a crowd full of beautifully dressed men and women. The bride’s porcelain face glowed with excitement, in fact, she didn’t stop smiling or laughing once throughout the entire day.

The ceremony was quick and simple. Darren had the front of the church covered and I had the back, meaning, we shot with about a 7 foot distance between the two of us (like I said, small venue!). Once the ceremony was over we headed outside behind the church where a quick reception of cake and hugs took place. While outside, the bride wanted a photo of everyone who attended her wedding in one large group. Normally, it would be a crazy request except, once again, the crowd was small and so we were able to have everyone squish into a group and all say cheese. It was pretty funny to be honest, everyone cheek to cheek. They were all so energetic and playful that the photos of them turned out incredibly candid and full of life. The bride took a spill during one shot when we asked the entire group to run towards us. Not even here did her blissful expression change.

The location couldn’t have worked better for the photos we were wanting. We had a beautiful landscape to work with (tall, grass field; trees; flowers; white, picket fences; old, rusted bicycles…). It was a bit surreal to be able to get such stunning photos of the couple right outside of the church they were married in. For a lot of the weddings we are doing this summer, we’ll be moving to prettier locations to get the wedding party shots. For this wedding, though, we were able to capture everything on the small property.

It was such an awesome wedding to start the season with. Not only did the bride smile and laugh in delight the entire day, everyone else who was there did, too. The rain held off until the last 10 minutes of shooting, where the bride twirled in a parking lot and smiled for the camera.