This post is kinda new, involves bits and bytes from all three of us. Natel, Kim, and the stuff that does not make sense would be me. Kim started the ball and hopefully we built on it a little.
What a wedding it was. When a Bride & Groom say they want their reception to be the best one anyone has ever been to, its a lot to live up to ~ well Amber and Kyle did that and more!
Amber looking striking.
A lot of our morning prep was spent how to work with the downpouring rain that we had all morning, but with a quick call from the bride we had an extra 40 minutes for our start time and thats all we needed for the rain to stop.
Getting ready at Manteo Resort
This gorgeous wedding ceremony took place at Summer Hill Winery, which overlooks much of Kelowna and Lake Okanagan. The ceremony was elegant and beautiful to say the least. The walkway for the wedding party and bride was lined with perfect pink rose petals. The groomsmen hit up some dance moves early in the day (saved the best for the reception!) as they grooved down in their entrance and exit from the ceremony ~ and even the bride was dancing!
The Summerhill Truck
I always like to capture all the guests in at least one shot!
The Crue on the Fence
Summer Hill Winery is not only a tourist & wedding mecca in the Okanagan, it just happens to also be a fantastic place for photos. We had an old heritage house and vintage truck to work with, along with some beautiful fencing and grassy fields.  Next stop was Bertram Park, a beachside, green treed hilly location at the very edge of town, where we took a large majority of the photos. The weather turned out perfect for photos, as the rain saturated all of our ‘scenes’ with intense crazy coloring and a fresh sense that everything had just been cleaned by nature. Although the bridesmaids were a bit chilly in their sassy cocktail dresses, they were still excellent participants in our shoot.
Hanging at Bertram
A kiss and a stroll on the beach – the weather started to break around this point, and finally the sun joined us.
As a matter of fact, the wedding party was an amazing group of people to work with. Each showed their own strong personalities, adding their own element of charisma or quirk, making the time pass quickly with jokes and laughs that kept rolling through shooting. It was evident to us that the friendships in this group of people had strong roots, they were truly all there for one another, making Amber & Kyle’s big day even more memorable for all.
A group pee. Asparagus perhaps?
A late night smoke.
The reception! Now its not very often that you go to a reception that you are not ‘technically’ invited to (and you are only there because you are hired for a job) and you still have a killer time. Darren and I took a few hours of reception photos, and before we knew it, Kyle & Amber’s 84-year-old Opa was given’r on the dance floor. The reception was by far one of the best that I have ever attended, and I didn’t know anyone other than Darren.
Kim shooting the first dance.
Survivor Winner!
While DJ Haymaker kept the music fresh, it was the Bride & Groom and all of their friends and family that kept the party going. By the end of the night, I may have even ended up on the dance floor ~ it was that good!

KimA grooves.

Congratulations Amber & Kyle