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This post is kinda new, involves bits and bytes from all three of us. Natel, Kim, and the stuff that does not make sense would be me. Kim started the ball and hopefully we built on it a little. What a wedding it was. When a Bride & Groom say they want their reception to […]

Congrats guys!! – talk to you when your back! During a first pass edit, this image stood out huge. Here is a teaser for  a larger post Kim is working on. Really enjoyed this wedding. Share

a post by Kim A [thomas] Darren and I showed up to the location (a beautiful, old church located on Benvolin) about an hour and a half too early. We did some wandering around the property to brainstorm some shots and then headed back to the vehicle to stay warm. The weather wasn’t on our side. […]

a post by Kim A [thomas] Just over a week ago Darren and I had the incredible opportunity of shooting the event photos for Sparkling Hill Resort’s grand opening. To describe the resort in one word: stunning! We headed out of Kelowna around 3pm to make our way to the Resort. Neither of us really […]