Greetings all,First off, its been awhile since I gave some updates on what’s going on over here.. and there has been a few emails that I hope to answer with this post. Things are normally alot slower around this time of year, but that has not been the case this year. At this point I am almost at capacity for weddings for the 08 season. There are a few summer dates available but we are close to completely booking up. On the commercial side things have been great. I have been working with Rogers Publishing out of Toronto, a few local businesses, and recently came off a multi-day shoot for Teresan Gas. I will post further details once the images get closer or are in publication. I have attached a couple of sneaks from the Teresan shoots… img_4425.jpg img_6035.jpg  Also a small update on the hullStock project… things are getting closer…and the site should launch shortly. A few bugs are still being found and fixed.. but things are looking good. Here is a quick screen … picture-1.jpgThe V-day love sessions are sold out as well. Unless you don;t mind shooting after the 14th. <grin>That seems to be the latest for now…. I should have some images to post.. but you always play that game of..I really want to post the latest stuff…. but still allowing your client enough time to do what they need to do first.. .u dig