Well.. not sure where to start here. There have been a decent amount of shoots in the past bit. Going back to the BC Business Mag shoot and then Canadian Business Magazine were both alot of fun.

I was glad to work again with a friend from Cherry Hill Coffee on a couple of featured drink shoots. The great part about shooting for them is the finished design is usually wicked.. and it’s nice to see a great design around one of my photos. So a shout out to JC, and his wicked ways. I have to see if he will send me some of the finished pieces to post.

I have been working more with Terasen Gas which always turns out great, and a big thanks to Ruth for being a pleasure to work with. 


I did another assignment for BC Business, or at least… I have done half of it. The first part was heading to Naramata for a little documentary focus, and there is a portrait aspect yet to be done.

I was also shooting a few images for Fortis last week. Mostly the executive team, it was an early shoot but we walked away with a great image options for their annual report.

aghh.. there was also a shoot with Nick from Madhouse on a concept portrait shoot with the folks at NVIT. Working with Nick always rocks, and the shots turned out great. I will post a series of them up here soon… I have been waiting until the campaign hits first before posting.. but I should see where thats at.

Another shoot that was fun was with Holtby & Associate from RBC DS. It is always a good time to shoot with them. We tend to shoot about 4 times a year, and I was very happy with the results.

Aside from those shoots, the wedding season has hit hard . So far the couples I have worked with have been fantastic, and I am really liking the results. I changed up my processing style a little for this season.. and I think it has been a great improvement.

09 inquires are also hitting hard, and I am still a little slow on responding, but I will catch up soon.

There are a few other things in the works, but will save it for the next update.