Lately things keep rolling strong on the business front, in which should be a “slow” time for us. It’s hardly slow at all. Another apology goes out for some of my slow responses to emails and voicemail. Also to my booked 08 wedding clients I have a pile of agreements to complete and return to you. I have not forgotten just been slow getting to that fun admin stuff.

Recently I talked with a new assistant that will be helping me out, to help keep up with things and especially help out during shoots. She should be a great addition to the team over here and you should be seeing more of her, expecially if we have some scheduled shoots coming up. We worked together recently on a shoot of a great spirit named Jessica. It was a fun session, but we walked away with great images.

Here is a shot of Jessica:


Still like the “Painter” shoot I did for Rogers Publishing, I am sure it was a little different then they planned, but their Art Director is a great guy, and I think they dug it.. at least the cheque still came in. Travis .. if from any chance in hell you actually read this post, I still have the portraits to send your way. ..Sooon


This shot from the summer, I did for Madhouse still sticks with me as a great shoot. Which reminds me, We have thrown our hat into the talent side of things, bascially I just happen to know beautiful people, and some of them have agreed to work with me again — weird. For my commercial clients we have a talent section of all ages that will be available, if we need talent involved in a project of course. So finally instead of dealing with a selection of 15 year old girls to pick from, I offer a selection that covers all ages and demographics. More on this a wee bit later.

Actually one more thing about that.. if you are looking for shots and the chance to work as a model – drop me an email, so we can have chat.


The shoot I did with Mod Salon was another great experience, and now the material has been printed and looks fantastic. Cory did a great job with the calendars, and as always Amy is wicked.