It seems lately I have been mainly posting about how busy and behind I am with post work. Today I am happy to post that I have finally got a handle on most projects and shoots. I thank everyone for your patience over the past few weeks. The biggest factor is that I was sick for about a week in early October, which things did not get done. There are still some quotes to get out and followup to make, but I am back on track. Another factor was my sons one year birthday party, which was a large production.

Here are some sneaks of the recent weeks:

Thanks and congrats Shawna and Patrick. It was a “grand” time.

Thanks and congrats Lisa and Mike. Mike thanks for filling up my voicemail this morning. Just kidding. Thanks for the kind words. It was blast to work with you guys.

Thanks and congrats Shannon and Rick. It was great to have worked with you both!

A little more personal with this one, but the non invite version of Madden’s first birthday announcement notice.

The work of Hull is not done alone. Just want to say thanks to JN to helping out over the past couple of months. Here he is directing third floor group shot. There also has to be a public thank you to EE and Kait for the additional help as well.

An really what would a post be without a photo of me. I tend to have hundreds of photos of me working. Mostly becasue I bring soo many camera bodies with me, my assistent always seems to point one my way, at some point during the day. And.. really what better way to get more remarks about my vest. Yeah you know who you are.

Thanks about it for now. Weddings are slowly winding down for the season, although there are still a couple left and looking forward to this weekend affair.