werds by (KimAthomas)

We photographed a wedding at the beautiful location of Sparking Hill Resort.  We have shot at Sparkling Hill a few times before, including the grand opening of the resort, but a wedding at this venue is truly something else.  You have to imagine yourself overlooking all of the Okanagan and then you’ll start to get a better picture of what this wedding was like.

The location is amazing and to top it all of, we had a great couple to work with.  Denise and Ryan really took class to the next level.  The dedication put towards this wedding was obvious and it certainly paid off.  The bride, Denise, happily posed with her man and the wedding party, allowing us to get some great shots of the entire party.  Really, the scenery was just a bonus.

The resort holds next to no shade, but there are so many different vantage points around the resort, there was really no trouble getting the photos we wanted.  And when the heat was almost unbearable, Denise and Ryan went with the flow as we ventured inside to get a different kind of feel.

All in all the wedding was, as expected, beautiful.  The class and elegance this wedding possessed was really like no other.