Greetings all, I just want to fist off apologize to everyone that has contacted me over the past month for my slow response time.By the end of the week I should be up to date. If you have been trying to reach me – a response will be coming soon, also feel free to drop me another email or VM.So why the delay?Good question. A wack of things really. I was out of town, scheduled shoots, a new site launch and transfer, and crazy amount of 08 booking requests, and a never-ending home reno project have all had their impact. This brings me to my main reason for this post.To announce the soft launch of – V4.Over the next few weeks further additions will be made to our site, with an official launch coming shortly. All of the galleries have been updated, and further enhancements and general re-coding have been complete. We also changed our hosting company to Media Temple. Which so far I have been very impressed with their service. So stay tuned the site is still undergoing some further updating and testing. If you run into anything odd, drop us a line.Thanks for your patience. – Darren Hull