There have been incredible changes in wedding photography over the past few years, which is great news to anyone who is currently shopping for a wedding photographer. The trend is toward a new, more contemporary style of photography. It’s more relaxed, more natural and more artistic than ever. Gone are the old, forced, unnatural looking poses of the past. Today’s couples are more educated consumers and don’t want the old, stuffy styles of photography that their parents had on their wedding day.

Besides looking more natural, how is it different that traditional photography?

At Hull Photographic we want our couples to enjoy their wedding day. Couples spend so much time and money planning and preparing for the event. It does not make sense to miss a few hours of the wedding, being ordered around by a photographer who makes them maintain stiff, rigid, uncomfortable poses. Many photographers now offer a “photojournalistic” style of photography, where the day is recorded just the way it happens.

The photographs tell the story of your day. No constant posing, no taking time away from the fun….just natural, artistic and beautiful photos that capture the events and moods of the day.

What about the family and group shots?

We attempt to take these group shots before or just after the ceremony, taking less time than photographers of the past so you can get on with your day and not miss out on the fun.

Black and white imagery is also extremely popular, but is it a trend? Many modern couples are requesting to have their weddings photographed solely or partially in black and white. There is just something about it. It has a very classic, timeless and artistic feel. It has it’s own mood. It lends itself well to the photojournalistic style. This trend is probably here to stay, but it is always nice to have a combination of both color and black and white.

Consider not only the style of different photographers, but also the personality and choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Let’s face it…the wedding you are spending so much time planning is only going to last a few short hours. The music will stop, the food will be eaten, and the flowers wilt, but you will always have those photos to remember your day. And that is why it is so important to find a good photographer who will give you beautiful, artistic pictures you will want to look at over and over. This thought process is at the foundation of Hull Photographic, and we welcome the chance to be a part of your wedding.