I am a little behind on some of the post work on a few of the September Weddings. I have been sick for the last week, but finally getting back to normal. Alot of 07 requests are coming in, so things are busy but good. I also got the 24inch iMac set up and it seems to be a great addition, although I do have a few issues. The new wireless mighty mouse from Apple feels a little cheap to me. I wish it was built like my Macally mouse I use for my portable, and the only other thing is the monitor resoultion. I am using the machine at 1900, in my mind it needs one more step larger. Just some nitpicky notes on otherwise a fantastic computer. Yesterday Apple released Aperture 1.5, which I am thinking of finally trying out. If anyone has any experience using this, drop me a comment. Would be great to hear from you. Thats about it for now.