A good photograph does not simply happen the moment it is taken. What happens to an image after it has been created, during post-production, is just as important. A considerable amount of time and work goes into this process, no matter whether it is a commission for a private client, work for a corporate client, an editorial assignment, an advertising shoot or personal work.

I shoot traditionally with digital. After a shoot, the RAW images are developed and receive a first evaluation, where I weed out those images that are, for whatever reason, not quite right. I believe that my clients should not be burdened with images that are not worth considering. Every photograph receives sinfully indulgent attention: How a photograph is cropped, how its tonal range is represented, how much contrast it shows and how bright or dark it is printed, is all about expertise, artistic choice and interpretation.

Retouching is one of the last and sometimes time-consuming steps in the overall production. This stage is not about adding gloss and glam, but about correcting the inevitable spec of dust or the eyelash that has settled on a cheek.

All steps are performed in-house by hand. There are no invariably inferior automated processes. Every photograph is individually evaluated and worked on.