Hull Photographic shoots all weddings using Digital SLRs. By bringing together our wedding photography experience and the expertise of a “digital studio,” we’ve given ourselves freedom and complete creative control. We carry this freedom and flexibility over to our customers while maintaining the highest standards in photographic quality.

We believe that shooting digitally brings photography to the next level. From a photographer’s viewpoint, shooting digitally gives us greater control in a wider range of lighting conditions that would otherwise inhibit traditional film photographers from capturing that “all-important” shot. Digital also allows us to offer a variety of other services that traditional film-based photographers have offered, but with greater flexibility. We apply creative judgment in a variety of ways including:
black-and-white conversions, sepia-toning, as well as other dual tones, digital frame and border, custom text message on photos, customizable color-shifting and digital hand coloring, removal of unwanted elements in a photograph.

There are also a number of reasons beyond creative control, to be shooting digital including:
– quicker turn-around time in seeing your proofs, more environmentally-friendly processing, efficient ordering system as well as a broader product line to choose from, on average, a larger selection of photos to choose from